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MHRA Alert – Drying Agents In Blister Packs

We have been advised that some medicine blister packs are containing a drying agent to maintain the life of the medicine. It is understood that the drying agents are non-toxic however they may result in unwanted side effects and under dose if taken in place of the medication.

From the pictures below it can be seen that the one side is clearly marked however the other surface is not.

Medication blister packs showing unmarked drying agent

Medication blister pack showing the drying agent (right) unmarked.

Medicartion blister pack showing reverse where drying agents are clearly marked

Reverse of blister pack showing drying agents clearly marked (in green)

There is a risk that the drying agent may be given in error either through staff administration or taken in error via self-administration.

The photos indicate one brand however it is suspected that this applies to other medicines with drying agents.

This has been reported to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and we are awaiting a response.


Please remind staff responsible for administration of medicines to be vigilant and adhere to safe administration practices.

Where Service Users self-administer medication, please remind them to be aware of the potential for drying agents.